The Catching Fire trailer was just released this past weekend at Comic-Con, and it got us almost too excited. Check out our favorite moments from the trailer that made almost faint from overexcitement.

Peeta and Katniss



Team Gale fans got the kiss and team Peeta fans got the confrontation that broke our hearts. Seeing Peeta being open with Katniss was an insight into the emotional range of the film and we can’t wait to see the entire scene.

Plutarch Heavensbee and Snow



We’re so unbelievebly excited to see Philip Seymour Hoffman play Plutarch that when we saw his scene in the trailer, we just went “Yesss!” It’s going to be great seeing the star portray one of our favorite characters from the books.

Katniss/Gale kiss



Team Gale fans were ecstatic and team Peeta fans were less excited but both teams were shocked when they showed the kiss not only once but twice. We saw it in the teaser, but its presence in the full trailer really emphasizes Katniss’ dilemma to choose which boy to give her heart to. This kiss also made our next choice part of the reason it’s our favorite moment.

President Snow threatening Katniss



Reading this chapter in the book made us nervous for Katniss, so seeing it in the trailer basically had our hearts fluttering in anticipation. Seeing the hologram of the Gale kiss was an addition we loved and showed us this scene is going to be particularly powerful.

Finnick Odair



As a fan favorite of the series, we were all over Finick’s casting and seeing who they would pick to play the pivotal role. Finally seeing him in a trailer made us smile, and the fact that it was the pre-chariot ride scene made it even better!

View of Enobaria



We weren’t sure when they cast Enobaria if they were going to give her the teeth she had in the books, and then the poster popped up and we got to see they did! Being able to see her in the trailer bearing her pointy choppers was an exciting reveal of how much stuff they’re sticking to in the next adaptation.

Katniss training with holograms



Lasers, archery, and Katniss. Need we say more? Seeing her train with the new holograms is an addition that we absolutely loved and can’t wait to see more of in the actual film.

Katniss’ mockingjay dress



One of the best moments in the book was when Katniss’ dress for her interview ignited and turned into a magnificent Mockingjay inspired gown, and we cannot wait to see the full transformation in the film.

Chariot scene.



What’s more badass than one blazing chariot ride? Two! It’s going to be great seeing a stronger Katniss and Peeta go through the crowd and showing the Capitol just how brave they are.

Katniss raising up from the tube into the arena



Knowing what happened to her just before she was raised, we were concerned for Katniss yet at the same time over-the-top excited to see her run out into the arena for the second time.

Posted on August 6, 2013.

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